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The Coastal is Jacksonville's newest magazine, founded in 2015 to provide news, reviews, and things to do for young people on the First Coast.
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5 Great Places to Buy Beer in Jacksonville (Other than a Bar)

So you want to try some local beer, or maybe you’re just thirsty for any old brew. Where are the best stores to grab local - or national - beer? Sure, you can go to Publix or Walmart, but we’re all about supporting local businesses here. Here’s a list of...
Building Up Jax
Building Up Jax

Building Up Jax: City’s plans for Landing revealed

CURRY SHOWS PLANS FOR LANDING Mayor Lenny Curry’s office released a rendering of his preferred plans for the future of The Jacksonville Landing this week. The plan would involve the complete demolition of the Landing, which would be replaced by a large, intricate city park to serve as a “front...
Jacobs Jewelers street clock, downtown Jacksonville, FL
First Coast Flashback

The Story Behind the Street Clock at Laura and Adams

The cast-iron street clock in front of Jacobs Jewelers is among downtown Jacksonville’s most distinctive features, often starring in Instagram posts and tourist photos. But how did this unique piece of Americana end up at the corner of Laura and Adams? The clock was originally installed in 1901, shortly after...
5 Great Local Summer Brews Jacksonville Florida

The Best, Most Refreshing Local Brews for Summer in Jax

There’s no better time than summer to sit back and enjoy a nice, cold beer. And of course, when you do so, you’ll want to support one of Jacksonville’s many local breweries. But which local beers are the best for a hot summer day? Well, we’ve put together a list...

5 More Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Jacksonville

A while back, we put together a list of a handful of local restaurants that are dog-friendly. But dog owners who like to bring their pups out and about will certainly need more than just five options! And Jax is becoming more and more dog-friendly every day, with dog owners...
Building Up Jax
Building Up Jax

Building Up Jax: Another week, another Landing drama escalation

CITY MOVING TO EVICT LANDING OWNERS Just a week after terminating their lease, the city has now begun the formal process of evicting The Jacksonville Landing’s ownership. The city filed a counterclaim to a breach of contract lawsuit filed by Jacksonville Landing Investments, requesting that a judge order the ownership...
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