Read up on the latest in Jacksonville culture and entertainment, including stories on local artists and cultural events.


Read up on the latest in Jacksonville culture and entertainment, including stories on local artists and cultural events.
Main Street Park

Rethinking Homelessness in Jacksonville’s Urban Core

If you ask most Jacksonville residents about how homelessness affects their city, they'll probably start telling you about downtown and the surrounding areas.Indeed, the highest...
JAX GIANTS win 4th championship

BACK-TO-BACK: Giants Win 2nd Straight ABA Championship

On Sunday afternoon, the Jacksonville Giants defeated the Windy City Groove by a score of 120-102 to win the 2017 ABA Championship in a...


When Anthony Smith was younger, he found himself seeing things that others didn't.Specifically, he noticed subtleties that only seasoned photographers would pick up on:...
Regency's former Sears

The Local Impact of National Brands Failing

With online retail quickly becoming the new standard, we've seen a lot of stories in the news lately about big-name national brick-and-mortar retail brands...
Basketball in Jacksonville

The History of Basketball in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is generally known as being a one-sport city. Between the Florida-Georgia game each year and the Jaguars of the NFL, football tends to...
St. Johns Town Center, Jacksonville, FL

The St. Johns Town Center Really Needs a Parking Garage

The St. Johns Town Center has consistently been the busiest shopping center in Northeast Florida since it opened in 2006.Shoppers enjoy the Town Center's...
Ritz Theatre & Museum, Jacksonville, FL

Puttin’ on the Ritz: History of the Ritz Theatre

Back in the day, LaVilla was the place to be.The now-dilapidated downtown neighborhood was once the nightlife district of Jacksonville - and the largest cultural...
Durbin Park map

A Running List of What’s Coming to Durbin Park

LAST UPDATED MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27 AT 11:20 AMLast week we highlighted the impressive rendering videos of the upcoming The Pavilion at Durbin Park project.Once...
The Pavilion at Durbin Park renderings

Epic New Videos Showcase The Pavilion at Durbin Park

We'd previously mentioned that the shopping center planned for the St. Johns Co. development known as Durbin Park was going to be massive.Now, new...
Islamic Center of Northeast Florida, Jacksonville

Meet Jacksonville’s Thriving Muslim Community

Muslim-Americans have been in the news quite a bit as of late, and it hasn't been for the best of reasons.Islamophobia in America is...