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Katt Williams Talks Jacksonville in His New Netflix Special, “Great America”

Katt Williams
"Great America" / Netflix

Earlier this month, Netflix released the newest stand-up comedy special from comedian Katt Williams, titled Great America.

The special, which will also be featured on the comedian’s Great America Tour DVD, was recorded in Jacksonville during Williams’ performance at the Florida Theatre last year. The sellout crowd was treated to over ten minutes of Williams riffing on Jax and the local culture.

It opens with shots of the Jacksonville skyline, leading into footage of fans lined up down Forsyth St. waiting to get into the show.

It then cuts to Williams, adorned in a sparking gold and black suit, on a stage built to resemble the Oval Office.

“I’ve done seven or eight specials, nothing is messing with Jacksonville,” Williams says, evoking shouts of “DUUUUUVAL” from the crowd.

Williams refers to Duval County as the “most famous county in the world,” before leading the crowd in another “DUUUUUVAL” chant.

He goes on to reference how hot it is in Jax; even indoors, the fiery Williams was sweating bullets. He briefly talks about the Jaguars and compliments their uniforms. (The special was taped well before the team’s 2017 playoff run, so there wasn’t much else to say at the time regarding the Jags.)

He talks of how he was high in his hotel room and looked outside to see one of the bridges moving and freaked out.

Williams goes on to reference the city’s heavy military presence, the differences between where white and black people shop (“Town Center” vs. “Regency”), the diverse food (with specific reference to Soul Food Bistro), and the absurdity of Confederate Park.

He jokes about how most cities only have one “hood” – whereas Jax has “spots all over the map you should look out for.” He then joked that the names of Jacksonville’s worst neighborhoods, such as Washington Heights, Cleveland Arms, or Eureka Gardens, have names that sound like ’90s TV shows.

Williams sums up the Jax-focused portion of his act by alluding to the city’s diversity, saying Jacksonville offers a “real taste of what America is.”

You can watch the rest of Katt Williams’ Great America on Netflix.


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