JAVA JOURNAL W/ ANN J: The Ugly Cupcake Muffinry

The Ugly Muffinry

Guest contribution by Ann Johnson

Walking up the sidewalk to the The Ugly Cupcake Muffinry, I immediately noticed a young lady on the grass in her early 20s slowly swinging, her dog laying on the grass at her feet. I turned back toward the beautiful old yellow and white house with a huge porch and noticed a table with a nutritious helping of Eggs Benedict with fresh strawberries. A second plate held a creative looking sandwich of meatballs and marinara sauce. A couple was enjoying brunch.

As I opened the door, a line of customers were wrapped from the foyer through the dining room to the order counter. The house was beautiful with solid walnut stairs and a grand banister leading to the 2nd floor. It was magnificent.

As I waited in line, I was watching the other guests. Some were young families, a mother and her adult daughter and teenagers with phones and earbuds. Everyone seemed eager to get through the line to the ‘goodness’.

At last it was my turn. As I turned the corner, in the showcase were the largest muffins imaginable. These muffins are not your normal grocery store or coffee shop muffins. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am talking huge. Names such as Raspberry Cheesecake and Everything Cheese, even the standard Blueberry was a tribute to bakery perfection.

Raspberry Cheesecake was my selection of choice, and I made my way to a table at the front of the house, bottle of water in hand. I spotted Chef Ivy Wolf making her way around the corner counter and I introduced myself. I asked, “If you have a second I would love to talk with you about your café.”

As she talked, I realized her passion for delicious and healthy food.

“Never frozen and only the freshest ingredients are used. I buy local,” she said, except the Blue Crab that is brought in from Maryland and is the main ingredient in the Real Maryland Scramble Special. Chef Ivy wants her customers to have an experience each time they come to the shop, an occasion true to the beaches and the real-deal.

The Ugly Muffinry is a specialty café with exceptional coffee and freshness in every morsel of food.

On the Lunch menu, Real Maryland Scramble Special, is the favorite. The Original Bruffin, described as the famous breakfast sandwich, served on a Muffinwich, is the unique breakfast choice of the locals.

Available are food baskets ready for the beach or picnic. Call ahead for the basket, eat inside or on the grounds, you won’t be disappointed – I wasn’t.

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Ann Johnson
Ann Johnson is a Florida-based freelance travel writer that enjoys traveling, photography, writing and cooking. She is always in search of the next great bakery - a passion learned from her grandmother.