Jax Evolved

The Bolles School, Jacksonville, FL

Jax Evolved: From San Jose Hotel to The Bolles School

Sitting between San Jose Boulevard and the St. Johns River, The Bolles School's San Jose campus is home to one of the state's top...
Aardwolf Brewing Company in Jacksonville, FL

Jax Evolved: Aardwolf Brewing Company Building

The old South Jacksonville Utilities building, now home to Aardwolf Brewing Company, sits along Hendricks Avenue as a reminder of a time when that...
Kingdom Plaza, formerly Normandy Mall, Jacksonville, FL

Jax Evolved: From Normandy Mall to Kingdom Plaza

There was a time in Jacksonville's history where the city was inundated with shopping malls. During this time period - specifically, the sixties - five different...
Carnegie-Bedell Building in Jacksonville, FL

Jax Evolved: Carnegie-Bedell Building

In the aftermath of the Great Fire of 1901, many of Jacksonville's most important buildings were damaged or even destroyed.One of the buildings ruined...
The Carling, Jacksonville, FL

Jax Evolved: The Carling Building

Towering over Adams St. near Farah & Farah's main offices, The Carling building has been home to 100 upscale apartment units since its most...
Sweet Pete's building, Jacksonville, FL

Jax Evolved: Sweet Pete’s Building

INTRODUCING "Jax Evolved", a series of articles dedicated to historic buildings in Jacksonville that have been preserved and repurposed into a new use.Sweet Pete's...