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JAVA JOURNAL W/ ANN J: The Urban Bean Coffeehouse Cafe

The Urban Bean Coffeehouse Cafe, photo by Ann Johnson

Guest contribution by Ann Johnson

From the wooden pallets blocking the sound of Park Avenue to the galvanized steel roof, the outside feel of The Urban Bean Coffeehouse Café is “urban-modern”. The huge planters are galvanized tubs and the outside tables on the front of the restaurant are recycled spools, much like the wire spools used to hold wire for light poles. Several tables and chairs on the patio make a great place to hang out, sip coffee and enjoy great conversation.

Stepping inside you immediately get a modern vibe with a touch of urban industrial design. The iron- pipe lighting fixtures, steel tables and chairs remind you of the Industrial Revolution. The self-service condiment station and the classic weights and measure scales add to the décor with a nod to history.

Several cozy and comfortable vignettes are available for sipping smoothies or your favorite coffee brew.

The café is both comfortable and inviting. It is a special place for studying, working or just enjoying family and friends. It is family-friendly, but edgy enough for the younger crowd.

Give yourself a few minutes to review the menu, which is full of rich cappuccinos and lattes. They have drinks and food to satisfy any craving.

If you are in the mood for a nice hearty breakfast, check out the fruit pot or a healthy power breakfast for $4.99.  Are you looking for a breakfast smoothie or yogurt or their famous bacon covered doughnut? They have you covered for breakfast.

With the all-day breakfast menu, it’s hard to choose what’s for lunch. If brunch or lunch is more your cup of tea, try the café sandwiches or a shareable such as a delicious fruit and cheese plate.

If you’re looking for a panini with soup or a flatbread sandwich, you have multiple options which will leave you feeling satisfied with a delicious, healthy meal.

While I was waiting in line for my latte, I overhead two ladies discussing their individual favorites – a banana waffle and maple bacon doughnut. The banana waffle sounds yummy.

I read that the food products are locally sourced as much as possible for the freshest choices.

Visit the Urban Bean Coffeehouse Cafe at 2023 Park Ave.

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Ann Johnson
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