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VIDEO: How to Prepare for a Hurricane

How to Prepare for Hurricanes [VIDEO]

For Jacksonville residents, hurricanes are a constant threat during the summer.

While the city hasn’t actually been directly hit by a hurricane in a while, there have been plenty of close calls over the years. Florida is a hot spot for hurricanes, so residents are always on notice during hurricane season.

Every time a storm hits, the city’s residents divide themselves into two factions: those who are terrified that this will be the big one, and those who are sure it’s just another false alarm.

No matter which camp you may fall into, it’s definitely important to be prepared whenever a hurricane threatens to make landfall near the First Coast. Sure, it’s probably another false alarm – but do you want to be caught unprepared if it isn’t?

To help out, we’ve produced a simple, illustrated video with a few quick tips on how to kick-start your hurricane preparation. The video’s content is largely based on an article we published a few months ago around the start of hurricane season. (Just a quick note: when using candles as a light source, please exercise caution. Candles can become a fire hazard depending on the situation.)

In addition to the tips listed in the video, be sure to stay tuned in to local news and alert systems to keep track of the storm and know if you’re being evacuated. No matter what, do not ignore evacuation notices – staying behind could end up becoming more dangerous than you might ever expect.

Getting prepared for hurricanes can be a pain, but it’s something that really has to be done. It’s better to be safe and not get caught without having properly prepared for the storm.

Remember: the sooner you follow these tips and get prepared, the sooner you can get back to your hurricane party!

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