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How the Size of Houses in Jacksonville Compares with Other Big Cities

The Jacksonville, FL skyline

If you plan on staying in Jacksonville for a long time, it’s important to know what your options will be when it comes time to purchase a house.

According to data compiled by PropertyShark, Jacksonville ranks eighth among 32 of the most populated cities in the U.S. in the median size of new houses built from 2010 to 2016. The average for the city was 2,326 sq. ft.

Orlando’s median size ranked highest at 2,988. Orlando and Jacksonville, along with several other highly-ranked cities, have the advantage of abundant room for sprawling new developments.

Infographic via PropertyShark.com
via PropertyShark.com

The overall average house size has been growing for decades in America, with individual cities fluctuating based on how much land is available and how many people want to live there.

Boston ranks lowest – this makes sense given that it’s one of the country’s oldest cities and, as a result, has been pretty densely developed over the years.

Of course, newer doesn’t always mean better. This is especially true in Jacksonville, where multiple high-profile development projects have ended up having major construction quality issues.

Luckily, the overall median size of homes in Jacksonville – regardless of age – comes in at a comfortable 1,706 square feet. This again puts the city at #8 among the 32 cities examined.

This means that no matter what house you get in Jacksonville, you’ll likely have more space than people in similar-sized cities.

To dig deeper into the numbers, check out PropertyShark’s interactive graph and data table.

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